Title: Adventure
Series: Kinky in the City #4
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Dreams come true when you finally face your fears.

Tony doesn't want the type of love his brothers have found. Luckily, Max is a good friend who also happens to be great in bed, but he knows Max won't be happy with no-strings sex forever.

Enzo knows the difference between loving someone and being in love with them. Unfortunately, the man he's in love with is off limits. When Max asks him how long he's been in love with Tony, Enzo can't lie .

Max's heart can't take much more of Tony pushing him away. When Enzo draws him back in, he'll have to make Tony see what he's ignored.

As three hearts become one, will they be strong enough to face their friend's and family's objections?

Adventure is a taboo menage, and the final installment of the Kinky in the City: Marino's series.

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