Use Me, Daddy

Title: Use Me, Daddy
Series: Club 83 #2
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You’ll never have a future until you learn to let go of the past…

Cole’s not looking for someone to love him. He wants to be used and discarded. That's much easier than getting tangled up in emotions. And there’s no way he will ever let another man take control. He tried that once and nearly lost himself before he got out. Now, he’s focused on running his coffee shop and getting a little action when the urge strikes.

Bear moved to Annandale looking for a fresh start. The way things ended with his last boy, he’s shied away from a crucial part of who he is. As the head bouncer at Club 83, he’s used to seeing beautiful boys every night. When he meets Cole, he can’t deny the chemistry between them. The more Cole insists he doesn’t want Bear to be gentle with him, the more compelled he is to teach Cole there has to be a balance for their dynamic to work.

Will they be able to overcome past hurts so they can admit they need one another?

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