Finding Taylor – Chapter 1

I knew from a young age that I’d eventually find my way to the city. Why? Because it was much easier to be a whore when I don’t have to worry about looking a man in the eye the morning after having his cock down my throat or up my ass. There was a certain anonymity here that I couldn’t find anywhere else. If my single mother taught me one thing, it was that small towns are no place for a whore.
“That’s it, show me what a good little cocksucker you are. You’re such a fucking whore!” I didn’t get offended by being told that I’m a whore, I wore that shit like a badge of honor. When someone like Loudmouth was looking for a mouth to feed his cock into, they all knew mine was the best they’d find.
I didn’t care to learn this guy’s name. It didn’t much matter because in about ninety seconds it’d all be over and I’d be wiping the corners of my mouth before heading back out to the bar. “Come on, you dirty little whore! Suck that cock!”
God, someone needed to shove a dick in his mouth, just to shut him up, I thought as I doubled my efforts. With a little luck, I’d have this guy blowing in my mouth in under a minute. I reached between Loudmouth’s legs to graze my fingers over the guy’s taint. This wasn’t the first time I’d been privy to this particular cock, which helped, because I knew exactly how to expedite the process. I pressed my finger against the asshole’s asshole, dipping the tip of the tip in just enough to send him over the edge. I moaned dramatically as I took the guy’s shaft all the way to the back of my throat, swallowing hard to milk him to orgasm.
“Yeah, keep doing that, you filthy slut.” As his body tensed, Loudmouth yanked my hair, nearly choking me as his bitter, salty cum spilled into my mouth. He finished and quickly stuffed himself back into his jeans, patting me on the ass as I leaned on the edge of the sink, trying to catch my breath. As I straightened to follow him, I reached into my back pocket, smiling when I pull out a twenty. Not bad for a few minutes’ work. Most of the time a guy bought me drinks and I’d blow him as a way of saying thanks, but Loudmouth had been too desperate to wait.
Strobe lights and thumping bass assaulted my senses as I wove my way through the crowd, hoping my friends hadn’t left me behind. It wouldn’t be the first time, probably wouldn’t be the last, but I still hated that moment when I realized I’d been abandoned. I flashed an innocent smile when I noticed my roommate watching me.
I could have sworn Drew said he was closing tonight, so his presence was unexpected. And work or no, Spin was the last place I thought Drew would try to find me. Hell, it’s a big part of why I picked this particular bar for the night.
“God, Tay!” Drew hollered, reaching to tuck the front of my shirt back into my jeans. I learned long ago there was no point protesting when Drew groomed me. He was my first friend when I moved here, and it took less than a week for him to take me under his wing.
If only Drew wasn’t such a good guy, he’d be fun to play with for a night. Maybe two. He towered over me, which wasn’t hard since it’d be a stretch for me to claim to be five foot eight, and Drew’s shoulders were so broad that I’d ducked behind him more than once to hide from scorned partners. And yeah, I could admit that I’ve jerked myself off more than once while imagining Drew plowing into my ass, but I wasn’t not stupid enough to shit where I slept. No matter how sexy, Drew Rhoades would forever be untouchable.
Satisfied that I once again looked presentable, Drew ran his thick fingers down my chest before grabbing my hips. We gyrated in time with the beat and Drew leaned close enough for me to hear his words. “One of these days, you’re going to get yourself into trouble and I’m not going to be there to help you out. I know you think you’re invincible, but you’re not.”
I tilted my head back, looking up into Drew’s sapphire eyes. What I saw there nearly broke me. I could have dealt with Drew being pissed, but tonight, it seemed that my roommate was truly scared.
Rather than dignify Drew’s very valid concerns with a response, I shoved my hands into the back pockets of Drew’s jeans, pulling our bodies close together. I slid one leg between Drew’s thick thighs, losing myself in the illusion that there could be more for me in life.
After three songs, the intimacy got to be too much and I pulled away, excusing myself, telling him that I’d be back in a bit. I headed straight for the bar, knowing that a shot or two would either clear my mind or give me an excuse for what was bound to be the worst decision ever. Because right then, the only thing I could think about was dragging Drew back to our apartment and begging him to prove that I’m worth something, the way he’s always claiming.
You see, I’m wasn’t a whore because I wanted to be; it’s simply all I’ve ever known. My mother lost any sense of self-worth when she got knocked up at fourteen years old, dropped out of school, and supported me by sleeping with whoever would help her out with the bills. Now, she’s thirty-seven and kept calling to find out when I’d have time to take her out clubbing. She thought I was kidding when I replied “two days after Hell freezes over.” I wasn’t. Regardless of the fact everyone thought she was my ultra-cool older sister, I’d be damned if I was taking the woman who gave birth to me out to the clubs.
The bartender sauntered over to where I leaned against the edge of the bar, putting extra sway in his hips. Every time I was here, he tried convincing me to go home with him, and every time I told him he wasn’t not my type. I needed a man capable of eclipsing me with his presence and able to shut me up with a single look. A man like Drew.
“Tay, what’s your poison tonight?” he practically sang. When he leaned over the bar, waiting for me to place my order, he took desperation to a whole new level. I was tempted to tell him to meet me in the supply closet just to give him a one-off. Maybe then, he’d back the fuck off and we could both get on with our miserable lives.
“Grab me a Sam Adams and two lemon drops.” I slapped Loudmouth’s twenty down on the counter, wishing briefly that Drew wasn’t here. If I was flying solo, I wouldn’t hesitate to flirt with the nearest available mark to avoid paying for my own drinks.
“Tough night?” the bartender asked. I didn’t give a shit that it was part of his job, I wasn’t in the mood for small talk.
“You could say that.” I turned my back to the bar while I waited for him to fetch my beer, hoping he’d take the hint. He set the bottle down a bit more forcefully than necessary, forcing me to seal my mouth over the longneck to avoid wasting the foam spewing toward the top. I rolled my eyes when I noticed the way the he watched me, all but rubbing one out right there at the bar. With the beer situation under control, I tipped back the shots and leave the bar.
“A pretty boy like you shouldn’t be wandering around alone.” I jerked away when I felt a meaty hand wrap around my arm.
“If you value your life, you’ll keep your hands to yourself,” I warned, puffing out my chest as if that would do a fucking thing to intimidate the brute encroaching on my personal space.
“How cute,” Brutus snarled to one of his friends, who were circling behind him, amused by his forceful approach. “Rumor has it you like it rough.”
I glanced over my shoulder, finding Drew completely engrossed in whatever the gorgeous blond next to him was saying. I wanted to cry as I remembered his words from earlier. He may be in the same building, but I was in deep shit and he hadn’t even noticed.
“Yeah, but I prefer guys whose knuckles no longer drag across the floor,” I snarled, regretting the words as soon as they’re out of my mouth. Brutus twisted the front of my shirt, pulling me close enough that I felt his spittle on my face when he spoke.
“You keep cocking off like that and I’m gonna think you want me to do something about it,” he growled.
I was about two seconds away from pissing myself in the middle of the club when I felt two hands land on my shoulders. I had no problem with group action, or having an audience for that matter, but this was too fucking much. Brutus tightened his grip on my shirt as I melted into the body behind me.
“Is there a problem here?” Drew’s voice drowned out every conversation and the blaring music.
“No problem at all,” Brutus responded with a smile. “We were just having a conversation, so why don’t you mind your own fucking business.”
Brutus’s posse cracked their knuckles, gearing up for a fight. Suddenly, I wanted to be back at the apartment, relaxing on the couch in my boxers watching Doctor Who.
“Tay, is he feeding me a line of shit?” Drew’s hands slid down my sides to my waist. “You promised me we were going to spend some quality time tonight?”
Hearing the question in his words, I pulled away from Brutus and pressed myself against Drew’s sculpted chest. It was difficult to convince myself that Drew was putting on a show to get my ass out of hot water. God, if only quality time with Drew didn’t mean movie night at home. “Yeah, we are. I just…I was coming back from getting my beer and he wanted to chat. I’m sorry, babe.”
Brutus looked from me to Drew and then down at Drew’s hands, which were dangerously close to discovering evidence of what being in such close proximity to him did to me. “I think there’s definitely bullshit flowing, but it ain’t from my lips,” Brutus protested. “Your reputation precedes you, boy. Everyone in this place knows you’re no one’s ‘babe’ and you’re too used up for anyone to want to claim you.”
His words cut to the quick, but I didn’t deny them. At twenty-two, I’d been rode hard, repeatedly, and put away wet. Even if I wanted something real and good in my life, I’ve given up my right to it. Fuck.
“Keep talking and I’ll shove my boot so far up your ass that you’ll choke on it.” Drew wasn’t easy to piss off, but once he was riled, he got scary. “Tay’s the best piece of ass I’ve had in a long time. I think you’re just pissed because he’s off the market and not interested in your needle dick.”
The laughter masked my shock at the fact the man defending me was probably one of a dozen in this bar who had no clue how well I knew my way around a dick. How pathetic was that?
“So he’s your problem now?” Brutus asked. A fifth friend joined the party and my stomach lurched. It was Loudmouth from earlier. “You might be interested to know he had Nate’s cock choking him less than an hour ago.”
Nate. Funny, he doesn’t act like a ‘Nate’ at all. Nope, he’d stay Loudmouth in my mind. Brutus looked pleased with himself, thinking Drew would leave me to fend for myself after hearing this news.
“I already know, but I can promise you, that’s the last dick that’ll pass his lips tonight, other than mine.” My cock grew painfully hard and I was afraid to look down to see if my tight pants restrained or accentuated it. Just when I thought this situation couldn’t possibly get any worse, Drew’s hand wrapped possessively around my throat, pulling back so I’m forced to look at him. “Isn’t that right, Tay?”
“Yeah,” I panted, staring into Drew’s eyes, pleading with him to — Oh, fuck! Drew sealed his mouth over mine, taking full advantage when I gasped in surprise. He deepened the kiss, his tongue twisting into the corners of my mouth.
My knees buckled and Drew broke the kiss, holding me steady as I tried to figure out what the fuck just happened. It was my greatest fantasy and my worst nightmare all wrapped up in one. I envisioned him dragging me all the way home and fucking me into next week, but that couldn’t happen. If he fucked me it’d screw up what we had and I’d have to find a new place to crash.
“Now, was there anything else you had to say? If not, I’m going to take my piece of ass home,” Drew goaded. Oh, how I wished he knew what it did to me when he said shit like that.
“Nope, I think we’re good,” Brutus grumbled. “Just do yourself a favor and keep your boy on a shorter leash in the future.”
“I don’t think that’ll be a problem,” Drew assured him. I stood there, dumbfounded, as Brutus and his goons retreated. Once we were alone, Drew turned his attention to me. “I told you something was going to happen. You’re fucking lucky I’m here or you’d probably be back in the banquet room getting gang-banged.”
Any other night, that’d be an appealing proposition, but I highly doubted Drew would see the humor in me admitting that a gang-bang was one of my few unfulfilled fantasies.
“Let’s go,” he commanded. Before my buzzed brain could formulate a suitable retort, Drew dragged me out of the club. The bouncer stopped us long enough to ask me if everything was okay, and allowed Drew to manhandle me into a cab.