Matteo’s Valentine’s Day Adventure

This was supposed to be a quick trip in and out of the store. We were running low on groceries because I’d just gotten back into town and Teo had relied on his brother to feed him in my absence. But I had plans for the next few days, none of which included clothes for my boy, so we needed to stop on the way home. Unfortunately, Teo was bratty tonight and he’d wandered off in a huff because I wouldn’t let him get the sugary cereal he was addicted to.

“Daddy! You’ve got to see this!” Teo nearly took out a display of candy as he rounded the corner. Whatever had him so excited was worth the delay. I’d still have to put him in time-out so he remembered who was in charge, but I was grateful he’d found something that wiped the sullen expression off his face.

He grabbed my hand and practically dragged me into the Valentine’s Day section of the store. Until now, this was an area I’d avoided at all costs because I didn’t have anyone to spoil. As he pulled me where he wanted me, I caught sight of several stuffies I would be coming back to buy for my boy, starting with the sloths of every size. Since I’d bought him his first one, he’d begun collecting anything sloth related. I was surprised there was anything that had him more entranced than the stuffies.

“Look! Look!” Teo bounced on the balls of his feet and pointed at the second shelf from the bottom. “Aren’t they the cutest things ever!”

I gaped at the row of llamas, all wearing blankets with declarations of love. They were definitely… unique. That’s when I noticed the red dots on all of the front left paws – did llamas have paws?—oh dear God, they made noise. Before I could stop him, Teo depressed the button on one and started dancing in the aisle.

“I told you! They’re awesome, right?” He tugged at my jacket sleeve and sucked his bottom lip between his teeth. “Can I have one? Please?”

When he sunk into his Little side, he pouted and his chin quivered. I was a sucker when that chin action started.

Must. Stay. Strong.

“Angel, are you sure you want one? You hate this song.” It was a flimsy argument at best, but I’d do just about anything to keep from taking one of these musical nightmares home with us. And good lord above, just when I thought this monstrosity couldn’t get any more offensive, its butt started to wiggle as it spun around.

It wasn’t just a singing llama. No, that’d be simple. Whoever developed this damn thing decided it should also twerk. Yes, my boy was obsessed with a twerking llama.

“Yeah, that one’s not a good one.” Teo’s nose scrunched up adorably. He crouched and started reading the tags. “Dang it, they’re not marked.”

And so, he did what any curious little boy would do; he started pressing the buttons on all the llamas. Other shoppers glared at us as they passed, not as amused as I was by his antics. I felt their pain; I wouldn’t have been stifling laughter if I didn’t love him so damn much.

He stood, an actively twerking llama in his outstretched hands. “This is the one I want.”

A cheesy pop tune I’d hoped to never hear again played on and Teo began singing and twerking along with his pet llama. I sighed, realizing I’d been had. Teo knew all my weaknesses, and his joy was at the top of the list.

“Oooh, this one’s cool, too!” He held up a second llama, this one play a slightly less annoying song. “Can I get them both, Daddy?”

“Angel, we do not need two singing llamas.” The need for one was highly questionable, but whatever Teo wanted, Teo got. I was a horrible Daddy.

“Then just this one.” He handed me the original llama, which was now mercifully still and silent. He leaned in close enough no one could overhear us. “I can get it, right? Because I was such a good boy while you were gone? I didn’t touch my special place at all, even when I really wanted to. It wasn’t very nice of you to tease me over the phone.”

“Remember who started the teasing, Angel.” My dick stirred in my jeans just thinking about the pictures he’d sent me of himself curled up in his nursery wearing nothing but a pair of undies we’d ordered the week before I left.

“You didn’t like the pictures?” I reached around Teo and squeezed his butt, a move that’d become a silent warning when he was pushing his luck and about to earn a spanking. Except, I wasn’t sure I’d give him the swats he so desperately wanted this time. He’d sent those pictures when he knew I was in the middle of a shoot. “Fine. I’m sorry, Daddy. But admit it, they’re already saved in the folder you don’t think anyone knows about on your computer, aren’t they?”

“Keep it up and the llama stays here with his friends,” I warned him.

“But if I’m a good boy, she can come home with us?”

Don’t say it. Don’t ask questions. Stay strong.

“How do you know it’s a girl llama?”


Instead of explaining, he pressed the damn button again and she started singing. “You hear it? That’s a girl llama singing.”

“What if he’s like Peter?” I couldn’t believe we were sitting here debating the gender of a singing, twerking stuffed animal. I could’ve just left well enough alone, but no, I fell right into Teo’s trap.

“That’s just ridiculous. She is a girl llama and she’s coming home with us!” He pressed the button again and started skipping his way down the aisle. He glanced back at me and stuck out his tongue. “Come on, Daddy! We need to find the cart. You really shouldn’t have left it in the middle of the store. Geez!”

“I’ll remember that when we get home, Angel,” I warned him as I closed the distance between us.

“I’m counting on it!”

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