Show Me, Daddy is Live!

One Daddy. One Sadist. One boy who wants them both. 

Jordan’s single. Again. What is wrong with him that he can’t keep a boyfriend?

He knows he shouldn’t be lusting after his boss… or his boss’s ex. 

But those toppy vibes are killing him. 

How did a boy who’s never been able to make a relationship work find himself with not one, but two men?

Does it seem like a lifetime since Use Me, Daddy came out? At the time, I honestly thought it would be no problem to finish Show Me, Daddy and publish it over the summer. What I didn’t count on was Doug.

That man… I know I’ve said in my reader group on Facebook that Eli is the troublemaker, but really, it’s Doug. He loves the hell out of Eli, and wasn’t going to ride off into the sunset. He needed to be a part of the story.

Not only that, but Doug wasn’t willing to let Eli hide from himself, which is why the next book is Help Me, Sir. Eli’s not a boy. Never will be. That doesn’t mean he’s as toppy as he’d like to believe, either.

Show Me, Daddy is Jordan’s story. You’ll see Doug and Eli help him get back up after he’s knocked down, and between the two of them, they’ll prove he deserves to be not only loved, but cherished.

I hope you love the boys! I’ll be back this weekend with a deleted scene I found this morning that’s too hot to keep hidden!