Use Me, Daddy – Sneak Peek

We’re less than a week away from the release of Use Me, Daddy, the second book in the Club 83 series! I can’t wait for you to see more of Cole, Andy’s friend from Kiss Me, Daddy, and Bear, the lovable bouncer from the club. For now, he’s a peek at the first chapter.


I wasn’t sure which I hated more: working the door where I had to deal with drunk assholes trying to convince me their ID absolutely was not fake or on the floor keeping an eye out for guys who’d crossed the line from a little bit of steamy fun to public indecency. Ever since Eli found out one of our regulars was selling blow jobs in the storage room, he had a zero-tolerance policy for sex in public. Dude needed to get a grip if he wanted to stay in business. Half the allure of coming to a place like Club 83 was having a safe zone for getting freaky.

Speaking of which…I eased my way around the dance floor, careful where I put my hands. With my luck, someone would think I was coming on to them, and I’d waste time I should be working prying their horny little hands from my body. The guy on the receiving end of a hand job in a not-dark-enough corner spotted me as I pushed my way through the final pack of dancers. Watching him try and get the attention of the guy jerking him off while also desperate to come had my dick perking up like it hadn’t in far too long. I wasn’t sure which of them I’d rather be; the guy with his back to me stroking what I imagined would be a long, slender cock based on the recipient’s size, or the guy who’d looked about thirty seconds away from coming unglued when he’d noticed me.

“You guys need to move it someplace private. Dance all you want, grind on one another, but no dicks swinging in the wind,” I warned them. The guy with his back to me startled, tripping over his own feet before slamming into my chest. Instinctively, I reached out to catch him. He might be on the small side, but what mass he had was solid.

“Are you serious?” He spun around and glared at me. “It’s not like I was blowing him.”

Yeah, because that defense would keep Eli out of hot water if a cop came around. I rolled my eyes. “As a heart attack. You wanna hook up, go to the bathroom or the alley like other guys do. Or here’s a thought, take it to the car or the privacy of your own place.”

“You need to lighten the hell up.” His breath smelled like a few too many of Jordan’s special concoctions. As much as Eli and our customers loved him for stretching his creativity to come up with the strongest, tastiest drinks in town, I would’ve loved it if we got rid of the nightly specials. They made my job harder because of guys like this little sass-pot, who were ten feet tall and bulletproof once the alcohol hit their blood stream. “I swear, it’s like you get off on being a cock-block.”

I curled my hand around his biceps, ready to escort him to the door if he didn’t shut his mouth. It’d been a long-ass day. I was not in the mood for his shit tonight. I leaned in close, deciding to have a bit of fun. This kid wanted to dish it out, we’d see if he could take it. I leaned in close enough to be heard over the blaring dance music without his friend eavesdropping and getting jealous. He shivered when my breath ghosted over his skin but didn’t pull away. “Boy, there are plenty of things I get off on, but that’s definitely not one of them. You want to see what turns my crank, keep pressing your luck.”

He squirmed in my grip, and I thought I heard him whimper. The sounds he made were a problem because now I was hard and couldn’t do a damn thing about it.

“Hey man, we don’t want any trouble,” the other guy said. Funny, I’d somehow managed to forget his dick hanging out had been the reason I’d come over here in the first place. His eyes narrowed as he noticed how close I stood to the man who’d just had his dick in hand. “You two friends or something? If you weren’t into me, you could’ve just said. No need to have your bodyguard come over here and put a stop to it.”

His nasally voice grated on my last frayed nerve. “I’ve never met him before in my life. This is just me doing my job.”

“Dude, they seriously pay you to stop guys from having a little fun? Why not serve tea and crumpets and turn the place into a pretty little cafe where straight ladies can lunch?” I bit back a chuckle. I wouldn’t have phrased it that way, but he echoed my own thoughts every time Eli tried buckling down on the extracurriculars in the bar.

I held up my hands in surrender. “Look, I don’t make the rules, they just pay me to enforce them. That’s why I’m appreciative when people don’t give me shit for trying to do my job.”

“We get it.” Now that I had a chance to check out the guy who I swore I still felt against my chest, I revised my earlier assessment. His hips and profile appeared slim, but there was sheer strength in the expanse of the shoulders stretching his T-shirt, the type earned by time spent in the gym. He glanced toward his hook-up, who seemed bored and irritated by the entire situation. When he looked back to me, he held eye contact for the briefest moment before his gaze dipped to the floor. “Sorry for giving you a hard time.”

I scratched at the fabric of my jeans to keep from reaching out to touch him. I wanted to tilt his head back and get a closer look at his eyes. I’d taken in more than my fair share of eye candy in the four years I’d worked for Eli, and not once had I been this tempted to fool around on the clock. Eli was more than just a boss, he was one of the first friends I’d made when I transplanted my entire life in need of a fresh start. I’d never knowingly do anything to put his livelihood in jeopardy.

“No worries.” I sighed and waved my hand around. “Busy night like tonight, you can bet you won’t be the last couple I have to split up. You’d better get going, looks like your guy’s about to bail without you.”

“He’s not my anything.” His words were quiet enough I barely heard them, so it was possible I’d imagined the wistful tone. He shrugged then gave me a slow up-down look. “He’s not my type.”

I stepped closer. This was such a bad fucking idea, but I couldn’t stop myself. I bent down so my mouth was less than an inch from his ear again. He didn’t disappoint me when his body swayed, and he leaned against me. “And what is your type?”

The music around us faded into the background. My entire focused narrowed to the man before me. I risked a glance below the belt, pleased to see he was still as hard as he’d been when I first approached him and his long-forgotten hook-up.

“Tell me, boy.” He sucked in a sharp breath. Yeah, he was definitely interested. I doubted he’d hesitate if I dragged him through the door that dumped into the alley and shoved him to his knees. “I think you like guys big enough to scare you a little. What you need is someone who makes you feel vulnerable, isn’t it?”

If I hadn’t been paying attention, I’d have missed the slight movement of his head. “Use your words, boy.”


I patted his shoulder. “Good boy.”

I jumped when a god-awful chirp screamed in my earpiece. “Where you at, Bear? We have a situation at the door.”

Well, fuck. It figured the first time I decided to bend the rules and have a little fun, duty called. Quite literally. It was stupid to hope there’d be more than a fleeting moment between us, but I wanted to give this guy something to remember me by. I closed the distance between us, pressing the bulge in my jeans against his hip. “Gotta run. Be a good boy for me tonight, okay?”

I shouldn’t have, but I leaned down for a sample of the boy’s skin. I pressed my lips to the side of his neck, then spun around without giving him a chance to beg me for more. Eli needed help. As I shoved my way through the crowd of writhing bodies, I licked my lips. Yeah, one taste wasn’t enough, but it was all I could have.

At the door, a group of college-aged kids, who appeared to have pre-gamed hard, tried shoving their way past Eli, who’d given me a break from the door, and his buddy Calvin, who was supposed to be here celebrating his engagement. I drew myself to my full height and squared my shoulders. The ringleader paled a bit upon my arrival. Good. Stupid fuckers must’ve been a special sort of stupid if Eli didn’t want them in here.

“What’s going on here?” The ringleader’s buddies backed off, but the guy in front shot me a challenging glare. Eli handed me an obviously fake as fuck ID. I couldn’t help but laugh as I tossed it back at him. “Son, you need to take that cheap piece of shit back to whoever you bought it from.”

“Fuck you, man! Just because I’m from out-of-state doesn’t mean you get to toss me. I’m a paying customer!” Eli shifted to the other door, apologizing to the guests who were still waiting to get inside before tonight’s show started, leaving Calvin and me to deal with the drunk asshole and his band of stooges.

“No, customers are people who are both over the age of twenty-one and not complete dickwads. You’re failed to meet either qualification. Now, I’m going to give you one last chance to leave here on your own; otherwise, I’d be more than happy to call the cops to help me explain, in little words you’ll understand, why it’s bad to use a fake ID.” I crossed my arms over my puffed-out chest, creating a human shield between the drunk and the rest of the bar. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Calvin struggling to hold in his amusement.

“Fine.” He tried to snatch the ID out of my hands, and I held it high over his head. The little shit actually tried jumping for it, stumbling back when he couldn’t stick the landing. I shook my head and tossed the fake in the drawer with all the other confiscated IDs. Soon, it’d be time for us to pull them all out and staple them to the wall of shame. “Fuck you, man. We don’t need your shitty band or weak-ass drinks.”

Calvin snorted, and I swallowed hard to keep from doing the same. That might’ve been the first time anyone accused Club 83 of serving weak drinks. Calvin and I stood shoulder to shoulder until the boys disappeared into the darkness.

“Busy night. You guys need me to help out for a bit?” Any other night, I’d have loved having Calvin back on the team, but no way was I dealing with his fiancé and the entire Marino family if he bailed on them.

“Hell no, man. Get your ass back in there. You’re supposed to be celebrating. Sorry you had to come up here.” And I was. If I hadn’t let my dick do the thinking, I’d have realized sooner something was going on up front, and I’d have been there to back up Eli. It should’ve been me at the door anyway, but Eli had been cagey lately, saying he wanted to greet his customers to build a sense of community or some shit. Personally, I thought it had more to do with a certain bratty bartender who thought his shit didn’t stink, but it wasn’t my place to meddle.

Calvin clapped my shoulder. “No worries, man. Sometimes I miss spending weekends with you guys. Then dickheads like that show up, and I couldn’t be happier I left moonlighting as a bouncer in my past. I should thank Frankie for being so damn stupid; otherwise, I’m not sure I’d have worked up the balls to hook up with him.”

Ah yes, the sordid love story of a bouncer and the guy he’d busted giving head in the storage room for kicks. I remembered how Eli lost his shit when he’d first heard about someone turning tricks inside the bar, then again when Calvin admitted that the reason the problem disappeared was because he’d taken the culprit in hand, literally and figuratively. I wasn’t sure the boss would survive a repeat of that situation, so it was for the best I’d walked away from the boy who’d undoubtedly be trouble. Hell, I’d already lost my head because of those huge, dark eyes and pouty lips, so the trouble ship had sailed.

What I needed to do was forget about him and remember what brought me to Annandale in the first place. A fresh start where no one knew how I badly I’d hurt the last boy I allowed into my life.